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Application Of Digital Signage

Application Of Digital Signage

Digital Signage provides a variety of application systems and solutions through the combination of a streaming media server and a variety of set-top boxes. All systems can be based on the enterprise network or the Internet as a network platform to run a variety of multimedia information systems, and support all the mainstream media information, it allows enterprises, large-scale institutions, operators or chain-like institutions based on the network to build multimedia information systems, to provide users with high-quality multimedia information services.

1. Government and Enterprise building digital notices

The system is a set of multimedia information publishing system established by government agencies or large enterprises through the installation of display and broadcast terminals in the prominent position of the office building. The establishment of a cultural propaganda platform, Brand demonstration window.

Application Of Digital Signage

2. Digital Bulletin of the Banking Special network

The system is a proprietary network platform used within the bank, through the installation of LCD display and playback terminals in the major business hall to replace the previous led electronic display set up a set of multimedia information dissemination system, the main functions are as follows: Financial information released in real time, such as interest rates, foreign exchange rate, funds, bonds, gold, financial news and so on. Financial knowledge, electronic finance, banking business introduction. Staff training, the training content can be distributed in advance to each play point, according to branch, branch or the business Hall to flexibly arrange training. Bank internal or external advertising platform, the new value-added service carrier. Corporate culture publicity, enhance brand image.

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3. Medical Profession Digital Notice

The system is mainly based on the enterprise network platform in the hospital through the installation of large-screen and broadcast terminals in the form of a set of multimedia information dissemination system, the specific application of the analysis is as follows: disease knowledge, health care publicity, in different departments, such as diabetes, A description of the details of daily life of patients with heart disease. Characteristic outpatient and department introduction, enhances the popularity, facilitates the patient to seek medical treatment. The authoritative doctor, the expert introduction, facilitates the patient to carry on the diagnosis according to the demand, shortens the doctor time. New drugs, therapies and new medical instruments and devices, to facilitate patients to understand medical trends, facilitate patients to visit, improve hospital economic benefits. Emergency, real-time information or notification spots, registration and emergency information release, improve efficiency. Medical guidance, display hospital electronic map, to facilitate patient counseling and consultation. To the hospital staff distance centralized training, anytime, anywhere to conduct business or other learning. Image publicity film, product advertising broadcast, mold hospital brand image. The healthy life idea propaganda, advocates the good Life habit, achieves the public welfare propaganda function. Scenery or other programs that benefit the patient, adjust the mood of the patient, and create a good doctor atmosphere.

Application Of Digital Signage-3

4. Business Hall Digital Notice

The business Hall usually refers to the large scale, the quantity, distribution of a wide range of business outlets, such as Unicom mobile large-scale operators nationwide distribution in the wide range of business outlets to customer service and payment-oriented, business Hall multimedia information operation system including internal information dissemination, training, promotional services and other publicity and external public advertising operations.

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