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Splicing LCD Screen Market Prospects In The Second Half Of 2020 May Be Promising In Public Entertainment And Consumption Places!

Splicing LCD Screen Market Prospects In The Second Half Of 2020 May Be Promising In Public Entertainment And Consumption Places!

As a popular indoor large-screen display product on the market, LCD splicing screen is composed of multiple splicing units. The splicing screen can select different splicing units for splicing according to actual application requirements, and present high-definition and flawless pictures on the large screen. Meet consumers' high-quality needs for visual effects.

Recently, theaters and other public entertainment venues have resumed work, shopping malls and shopping malls and other convenient consumer places have also been opened; and in the commercial display industry, according to reliable statistics, the sales of splicing screens, LED displays, advertising machines, and conference all-in-one machines have also Continue to rise, the growth trend is obvious; today I will focus on analyzing the market situation of LCD splicing screens in the second half of the year.

With the continuous opening of public entertainment venues, there will be more and more splicing screens, and the indoor high-definition display and long-term operation of the LCD splicing screen can perfectly meet the actual application needs. Although the compared small-pitch LED display screens are not inferior in display effect and picture display, compared with splicing screens, their cost is quite high and users may not be able to bear it.

Moreover, the use of LCD splicing screens is more straightforward than small-pitch LED displays. For example, a clothing or cosmetics store wants to install a large screen in the store for advertising display. The display solution of the LCD splicing screen is completely According to the user's installation scene, we can select the appropriate splicing unit and splice it, install it in the morning and put it into use in the afternoon. There is no need for too many complicated processes.

Of course, this is the advantage of LCD splicing screens that can be used in theaters, shopping malls, shopping malls, stores and other fields. This is inseparable from its own; however, LCD splicing screens also have shortcomings. There are problems between splicing units. Seam, may not be introduced to some people who are pursuing perfection. Another point is that the brightness of LCD splicing screen is relatively low, and it can only be used indoors. Outdoor display is basically not feasible, unless special treatment is done at high prices. Some of the gains are not worth the loss.

Post time: Dec-28-2021